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Become part of the lower half of digital art and collectibles history.

Inspired by the Hashmasks you can finally have the missing part of your artwork! Hashboots is a digital art collectible created by the Hashmasks community. It is a collection of only 2048 legs with unique “foot-traits”. The first PFP bottom-half NFT project to complete your artwork!​

Hashboots will have no bonding curve, so you can guarantee your Hashboots anytime for the same price, however, it will be limited only to 2048 NFTs.

​At the moment of the mint until a give date you will not know your Hashboots image neither its traits, they will be revealed altogether to ensure a proper distribution.

Every single Hashboots art has been draw by the Hashmasks community as a tribute to one of the best NFT collections. They have their own explicit and implicit rarities

Will you get a matching pair of legs of the same character in your first mint? Will you mint one of the 12 Mystical among them? There is just one way to know!


​Hashboots is a project created by the Hashmasks community to the Hashmasks community!

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